Saturday, December 19, 2009


I used to have a blog before, but I stopped at a point when i feel it wasn't what I want as I wrote it for someone who I love and care the most, and now that he's gone so I'm creating a new blog for myself, totally about me, me, me!

I don't care if nobody wants to read it, I don't care if I might sound stupid, I only care for the peace in mind which I darn so much.

This is a story about a daughter, sister, friend, lover and Allah's servant who lost in the middle of nowhere, and hoping to find way out.

Learn from my mistakes, and do better out of what I've done.

..Thank you..


-syifa- said...

aku tau aku salah...aku dah dapat balasan aku..

aku takkan lupa 010609..aku takkan mudah mengalah lagi kali ni.. :)

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